welcome to Stansberry Jam

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog! I am so excited to continue my blog at this new site and plan on having a lot of fun doing it! To catch up on my old blog go to I ran out of photo space on the blog and knew I needed another blog with easier format so I could focus on all the things I love! I'm fo... > Read More



October 31, 2014

Into The Woods

I found this cute Little Red Riding Hood costume yesterday at TJ Maxx and brought it home for the girls. When I got it home and Violet put it on, I decided to take her to the entrance to our neighborhood and take some fun Halloween pics! She followed directions and did what I said for probably the first time ever! I love how they turned outthey tur... >Read More

Creating My Cottage
July 07, 2014

Kitchen Reveal

I realized I haven't updated the blog on the new house in a really long time! We've now been in the house since May 12th so it's time! Here are some shots of the kitchen!  >Read More

January 10, 2014

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

I saw some gross looking bananas in my fruit bowl this morning and decided to make some banana bread. I also added chocolate chips because they make everything better. This is a very simple recipe and the bread turned out moist and delicious!  Side note: it's 1 tsp of vanilla and baking soda, not 1/2. Sorry about that!  Violet wan... >Read More

December 02, 2013

New family pics

We recently had some new pics taken for our Christmas cards and this is one of my faves:  Also this crazy one:  I'll show more after our cards are sent out! I had Laura Vanderzee do our pics this year and she was great! And super sweet also!  >Read More

January 05, 2012

My Photos on Pioneer Woman

At the beginning of 2010 I made a goal to have one of my photos featured on Pioneer Woman. I'm a major PW fan and having a photo on her website was very important to me! By January 21st, I had achieved my goal! This photo of a beautiful sunset in Belfast, Ireland was featured during the Sunset Contest: The next contest I was featured in... >Read More